Friday feast.

When I was in NYC (6 months ago) Mark bought a disposable camera and took pictures all over the city.  He FINALLY sent me the CD!  The pictures are mostly terrible but I am glad I got to see them.  Also this reminded me of how FREEZING it was the entire time I was there!!



Less worrying about silly things, more cake and self confidence!

Cardinals game - I finally got to see a winner this season!  I also saw the tarp come out to cover the field during the rain delay for the first time.  The cheap seats paid off this game - we were totally covered and dry and got to enjoy the storm!

In more important news, I GOT AN IPHONE!!!  I have officially entered the world of smart phones. Expect this blog to get a lot better!


♪ real human being and a real hero ♪

Just found out there are full episodes on Candidly Nicole on - I know what I am doing this week!

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Wedding Awards 2014

Wedding Season 2014 - 5 weddings, 12 weeks, 3 states, 5 happy couples!

Best Ceremony:  Marvin - non-Catholic ceremony, the Bride processed around the entire church, sang to her groom and there was a lot of joy!

(PS Marvin was the custodian at my school)

Best Ceremony Music: Tom - Duke Chapel organ,  classic wedding music, and Tom’s sister sang the hymns (honorable mention to Rob and Nic at Amy’s!)

Best Bridesmaid Dresses: Dazi - maybe I am biased because I got to wear one, but I loved them!!

Best Bride’s Dress: Too hard to pick! I loved them all.

Best Cocktail Hour: Amy - the rooftop was amazing!

Best First Dance: Amy and John - great song, amazing singing by Jordan, enhanced by the nature video in the background 

Best Food: Amy - nothing is going to beat short ribs and mac and cheese (honorable mention to Tom’s mac and cheese and salmon and Dazi’s rehearsal dinner)

Most Champagne: Amy (just because of my friendship with the waiters, Dazi’s was a close second)

Best Reception Small Touches: Tom - cute pictures on the table, photo area with accessories, origami crane name cards, customized tea, games for little kids

Best Reception Toast: Amy’s Uncle 

Best Dancing: Tied - Dazi and Amy

Best Dance Partner: David the Jesuit at Theresa and Harold’s

Best Favor: Dazi - make your own candy bag!!

Best After Party: Tom - Shooters and Waffle House (sorry Garrett the waiter!)

Best Wedding Purchase: The Flask

# of Weddings where ice cream was consumed between the wedding and reception: 4

This photo makes my heart so happy.  The women in the back row are the foundresses of my school - they had a vision, a dream, a little bit of spunk and lot of determination.  The girls in the front row are our 5th graders - the future of the school, and the foundresses’ vision in the flesh.  I can only hope to be able to so tangibly see one of my dreams come true someday.

First day of our 15th school year tomorrow.  I am SO EXCITED to see all the girls!!!


Lake Street Dive doing Hall & Oates’ “Rich Girl.”

A favorite song & a favorite cover all at once.

This has been randomly stuck in head all week - this cover makes it even better.